Saturday, July 17, 2010

787 On it's way to Farnbourough

This afternoon ZA003 departed for the Farnbourough Air Show and snuck under the radar as it was flying with the call sign of BOE 787 instead of it's normal BOE 3. As I type this she is halfway thre and should be landing in about 4 hours midnight PST.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

787 to PDX and GTF July 13th and 14th Updated

Photo Copyright Paul Carter PDX.

This morning for the first time the 787 is heading for PDX, as seen in the picture above. Thank you to local spotter Paul Carter for being out to get this shot and allowing the 787 Flight Test Blog to use it! The plane heading down is bird 5 with the General Electric engines. Hope that our PDX spotters are out today to get pictures of this event. Boeing 5 also went to Great Falls Montana yesterday and last sunday spent the day in Colorado springs. It would seem to be the one that has moved around the most.

Also 3 of the 4 aircraft located in Seattle are out flying today. Boeing 1 is the only one to not be out flying and is still having it's vertical stabilizer fixed after the issue that was discovered with them.

Today also marks the first time that bird 3 has taken to the skies again since coming back up from Phoenix Mesa for further inspection and fixing. It is expected that #3 will be departing for Farnbourough on Friday.