Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saturday Update

ZA001 hasn't filed anything over the last 3 days from VCV, however that doesn't mean that she's not flying, but could be flying VFR similar to how ZA002 and ZA004 were both flying down there but not filing any flight plans. Her last flight took her to Las Vegas for the first time!

ZA002 however did make the trip over and back. She went and added about 6 hours to the test total and flew around Oregon and Eastern Washington before touching down for a short break at Moses Lake. Then made a quick hop back to Boeing Field.

ZA003 flew 2 days ago for about a 6 hour flight that took it over Oregon, Utah, California and Nevada before coming back to Seattle. It has some kind of alien looking equipment on her that I will be posting shots of soon.

ZA004 went into the air for about a 8 hour flight. Flew over Montana and back then about 3 quarters of the way down California before returning back to BFI to call it a night. Bird 4 is going to be out all next month as she gets equipped with Package B of the RR Trent 1000 engines that when finalized are expected to be with in 1% of what Boeing has promised customers in terms of fuel burn and efficiency.

ZA005 is still unknown when it will return back to the skies. She is still up at Paine Field in stall 101. She should return to the skies soon though.

Today ZA006 filed for a round trip from BFI to MWH, but we never saw her take to the skies.

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