Sunday, April 4, 2010

Not Alot going on at the moment

The big thing from this week was it flew to Montana for some crosswind testing with ZA001 but that is about it. The rest of them have been on the ground and not moving. Still have yet to see ZA003 out of the hanger after its first flight.

For the 747-8 program 522 had 2 flights this week. Hoping to see some more of her before they take em down to Palmdale soon. 521 has done nothing since it's first flight except for a 5 hour engine run on Tuesday. 501 over in MWH last flew on the 30th of March in several short flights but nothing more then that. So we will see what we can get with them this week. There is still no offical word as of yet if Boeing has figured out a fix for the gear door flap issue and that could be why 501 was doing a bunch of short flights with landings to test out possible solutions.

The Shot above is an edit I did this week giving it that old 40's feel to the picture. I am quite happy with this outcome!

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