Monday, May 31, 2010

ZA004 Getting Around

Well in this last week of flight testing for the 787 ZA004 has been touring the country it would seem. She of course at this time is being based in Victorville. She flew around to Phoenix-Mesa Gateway. She hung around there for for two days and made a brief appearance at Falcon Field and Deer Valley before she continued on with her adventures. From Phoenix Mesa she then went onto Colorado Springs to do some High Altitude Testing. She spent a few days there and then went back to Victorville where she is stationed again.
ZA003 Made her way in the last week over to Montana again arriving at 07MT around 03:02 GMT and then made her way back to Boeing Field and landed at about 01:30AM PST. Other then that she has been doing the normal BFI-MHW turns that seem so ever popular!
ZA002 spent a few days in the Hanger but is back out and flying again. Flight Aware reported that she had diverted to Walla Walla but must have flown out of there on a VFR plan. I think it might have been an error on Flight Aware's part. Other then that she also following ZA003 just doing the BFI-MHW turns.
ZA001 Really hasn't moved all that much. Been Parked on the ground for the last 3 days now and really nothing more then the BFI-MWH turns. She hasn't really travelled too much out of the state.
ZA005 Still has not seen the sky's yet but hopefully we will see her take to them soon. She is on the Flight Line at PAE but she didn't do a thing when I was there on Monday.


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