Sunday, June 13, 2010

ZA005 Set to fly! Plus a few changes to the site.

I recently changed the outlook to the site the other day and think it looks better now. IAny feed back is appreciated!

Well the day has finally come to see ZA005 fly for the first time with the GenEx engines on it! B-1 flight should be anyday now and then ZA006 should follow soon.

ZA001 the other day got a new set of RR Trent 1000's and that is why she hadn't flown since May 27th but she did finally fly again on Thursday for about 5 hours.

ZA002 has been doing alot of long haul practice around VCV, still not sure when she will be back home as of yet. She is scheduled for a 11 hour flight tomorrow working on some more ETOPS stuff would be my guess.

ZA003 will be the one making it's way to Farnbourough this year to represent the 787's. She recently went out on a 9 hour country tour going as far east as Oklahoma in a diagonal way then south to Texas before heading west then coming back up the coast to Seattle.

ZA004 last flew a IFR flight on May 28th and on the 27th flew a 9 hour flight.

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