Wednesday, March 10, 2010

N787EX At Victorville

Originally uploaded by Bernie Deyo Photography
ZA002 Made it to Victorville Today after a 2 hour and 14 minute test flight from Boeing Field in Seattle. This is the first time that the 787 has landed in a field out of the state of Washington. The flight intially reportidly supposed to be 3 hours was cut short. Not sure if it was done intentionally or if the pilots just wanted to get down there. From the flight log of the flight looks like they just flew a normal commercial type flight with no real testing. Maximum altitude it achieved was 27000 Ft and it seemed to cruise down at that altitude. It also seemed to reach a top speen of mach .8 or abour 532 MPH for those non science geeks :P Will be updating on ZA001's status from today in my next post here shortly. Also ZA004 still no 2nd flight yet so maybe tommorow? We will have to waut and see.

Also Many thanks to Bernie Devo Photography for the pictures from Victorville as well as Code20Photoq for the shots from sunny Southern California.

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