Sunday, March 7, 2010

ZA002 To Victorville and update on ZA003-4

I have heard that as early as tuesday ZA002 may actually land out of the state of WA for the first time down in California. It is expected to be a 3 hour flight that will take it south. Victorville is known as an aircraft boneyard but this time it will be the test site for the 87 as it has the 2nd longest runway in the nation.

I was doing some night time spying around BFI last night after I got off from work and saw that ZA004 has funally come back out of the hangar and means we should see iot flying around the puget sound very shortly. This could be why #2 is heading south now that they will still have at least 2 flying full time around SEA.

I also noticed that the ramp at BFI is getting a little full with 3 787's down there now and the move to Cali for #2 could also be the sign of ZA003 to finally fly as she was expected to have done so by the end of Febuary but is still hanging out at Paine. Also a video came out the other day on Youtube of ZA003 from the inside. This is the one that will be focusing on the ETOPS certification for the aircraft type. It also has 135 seats and crew rest on board and is the first to do so.

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