Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Possible Hydrolic Issues was inaccurate. Some reason all the doors were down again

After seeing this shot from Code20photoq I am begining to wonder if they had another hydrolic issue near the end of the flight again similar to its first flight. There has been no word from Boeing yet but we will have to see. Seems to be ZA002 is going to be Boeing's problem child as it seems to be the one with the most issues as of yet-
Issue 1-Hydrolic Failure on first flight
Issue 2-FOD in fuel tanks lead to cleaning
Issue 3-Fuel tank dumping fuel after landing as seen here-
Possible Issue 4-Files for 8 hour flight but comes back in after an hour. Still have not heard of a reason but was back out and testing next day
Possible Issue 5-Another Hydrolic failure here landing in Victorville.

Thank you so much to Code20photoq and Bernie Deyo Photography for the photos from Victorville.

UPDATE- There wasn't a hydrolic issue just needed to do an inspection of the interior area of the gear apparently is all.Thank You Randy from Randys Journal for the heads up!

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