Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sorry for the Lack of updates

Been crazy with having this last week from work off spotting everyday for countless hours and oh yeah, having my Crohn's disease flare up on me for about a day and a half. If you don't know what it is here is a good read on it-
But after all of that here we are again!

So for the last week and a half ZA001 has been dominating the flying around Seattle. She has completed all flutter testing to this point. She came in on Sunday looking a little tail heavy and on the BA ops frequency sounded like MTX control was talking to them about it. Whatever it was it lead me to believe it was the cause of ZA004's flight getting scrubbed that night. She flew again today but it was 2 short and sweet flights.
Heres a pic of her high strut-
N787BA- High Strut

ZA002 Has completed its ground testing and returned today to BFI. She was away for 2 weeks and came back today after the 2 hour flight from VCV with 18 Souls on Board.
N787EX ZA002

ZA003 came in last sunday and has been parked in the hangar since.

ZA004 Finally completed it's 2nd flight on Thursday with a 3 hour flight that brought her back in around 2015 PST or so and made a nice Streak across the sky's-
N7874 @ Night

Her flight did start with gear down and was down as far as the eye could see-

And the 747-8 program has started to do some more flights out of BFI with 522 aircraft N50217. She flew sunday, missed it by a few got a pic from monday though-
N50217 747-8!

Her size is amazing and with how close we can get to her is also great for the people as you get a nice look under the wings-
N50217 747-8!

Today though was one of the best as the lighting was just amazing on her!-
N50217 747-8!

Til Next time Have a Great Night!

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