Thursday, March 11, 2010

Update on testing 03/11/10

ZA001 Well yesterday they stretched 001's legs out a little bit and got her all the way up to 43,100 ft for a new high altitude, however no free falls yesterday as they only took her up to mach .84.

ZA002 flew to Victorville on Tuesday however it still has yet to take to the skies again since flying down there. So hope fully we will see her going tomorrow.

ZA003 still in Everett with the official date of her first flight now scheduled for 03/21/10. Not sure on a length of time yet but sure we will here soon enough.

ZA004 has moved a little on the ramp to where ZA002 was always sitting at BFI but that is all she has done. Maybe we will see her fly for the first time tomorrow since her initial on 02/24/2010 but we will have to wait and see.

When looking for the stats and info from today's test flight of ZA001 it doesn't have any history besides the fact it flew today and because I had to run to work missed the landing by about 10 minutes of its 3 hour test flight. So if Flight Aware updates later today I'll post another update but that is all for now though til tomorrow.

Also worth noting today also that the 747-8 received its initial airworthiness certificate after 33 hours of flight time and now enginears will be accompining the aircraft during flights and the other 2 should be joining the testing program here soon!

Have a good night everyone!

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